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Terms and Conditions



  • I can accept *only* PayPal at this time

  • Once I email you to say that I will accept your commission, I will send you a PayPal invoice

  • Full payment of that invoice is required before I begin


PayPal Taxes and Fees


  • The PayPal fee of three US dollars ($3) will be added to the total




  • I will happily give refunds--minus the $3USD PayPal fee--*if* you cancel the commission before I begin


Revisions and Alterations


  • Any mistakes on my end or small changes are free of charge (including changing text)

  • I will charge extra for *significant changes* to the image(s) after delivery

  • You *must* have my express, written permission to change the final image(s) in any way


Rights of Ownership


  • I claim all rights to display all artwork I create for you on any and all of my platforms

  • You may *not* claim the artwork is your own


Creative Freedom


  • I will try my best to honor your requests, but the piece(s) will be completed in my artistic style

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